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Link to Worship Service and Announcements for February 7th, 2016 (click)


It Is Almost Time for the Congregation’s ...

 “Not Your Average Annual Meeting”!

 It’s rather uncommon to see the words “exciting”, “interesting”, and “annual church meeting” used in the same sentence together. Well, we are going to step into this uncommon territory at the MSCC Annual Meeting on February 7 following our worship service that day. So what’s going to make it exciting and interesting?

Over the past year, our Vision program has looked at the Congregation, the needs of its members, the social and spiritual needs of our surrounding community, and what do we need to do in the future to remain a vibrant, caring group of God’s servants. The information from discussions, interviews, and meetings has been classified into five main categories that are going to be important to MSCC over the next 5 to 10 years. These are: WORSHIP, YOUTH, LEARNING, COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND SOCIAL JUSTICE, SPACE/FACILITIES. Within each of these categories, specific actions and activities were identified which would bring us closer to realizing our mission of welcoming anyone, experiencing God’s love, and serving God’s world. As you might expect with any dynamic organization, there are lots of good ideas, in fact almost too many. We are faced with the glorious problem that we can’t take all of them on at once. This is where we need YOU!

At the annual meeting, you will be asked to express your opinion and vote on topics that you think deserve priority. Does this mean that we are going to sit in pews for lots of hours while lots of people tell us what’s on their mind? No, no, noooo! Absolutely not. It’s going to be dynamic, interactive, and a lot of fun. The chart below will help you to become familiar with the vision categories we will discuss!

The annual Report is available by clicking here.

The Narrative Budget is available below.

Click here for: 2016 Narrative Budget

Regular Worship Service Information 

Sundays 9:45 am, prior to the 10:00 am service there is a 15 minute musical reflection and meditation time.

Sundays 10:00 am worship begins.

You are warmly invited to worship with us.  Here we hope you will find a place to connect to God’s way of love, peace and justice and with others who want to be part of a community of hope and action.   Join us any Sunday at 10:00 a.m.   All are welcome for worship.  Our Sunday School kids start each Sunday in the sanctuary with the whole congregation.  For those under 4 who find the service not their thing (or for parents who would like that hour to be fully present to worship)  Nancy Paradis our incredibly skilled Nursery Care provider will welcome your child in the nursery which is located in our Parish House – the large white building on the left side of the driveway.

All are welcome at the MSCC communion table. Come as you are, not because you must but because you may.If you are new to communion service or would like more information on the purpose you can contact our Pastor Joan MacPherson at


As we embrace a new calendar year, we also embark on the beginning of a new year in the life of Main Street Congregational Church. Our Annual meeting will take place February 2nd, 2014. The report will be available during the week prior to the meeting by clicking on the link below. More in depth information can be obtained by contacting the office. Thank you. 

 Link to :  

2014 Annual Report


  Audio Sermon Download Below

"Peculiar People in a Peculiar Place" by Joan MacPherson

"Fear and Great Joy" by Jpan MacPherson

"Holy Breath" by Joan MacPherson

"Daryl, Abram, Peter, James, John" by Joan MacPherson

"Gathered to Hear the Sacred Story" by Joan MacPherson

"Leaving the Barn" by Joan MacPherson

"At the Barn" by Joan MacPherson

"From the Inn to the Barn" by Joan MacPherson

 "Real Life Questions" by Joan MacPherson

"No Need to Prove" by Joan MacPherson

"Enveloped In Love" by Joan MacPherson

"Close Up" by Joan MacPherson

"Break Open the Bible" by Joan MacPherson

"At the Foot of the Table" by Joan MacPherson

"Which Is It?" by Joan MacPherson

"Lambs In the Midst of Wolves" by Joan MacPherson

"Ten Fingers , Ten Toes" by Joan MacPherson

"Body of Christ" by Joan MacPherson

"Spirit Talk" by Joan MacPherson

"God Present in the Spirit" by Rev. Joan MacPherson

"Hands On" by Rev. Joan MacPherson

"What Do You Do" by Rev. Joan MacPherson

"They Found the Stone Rolled Away" by Rev. Joan MacPherson

"The Lord Needs It",  byRev.  Joan MacPherson

"Into the Wilderness" byRev.  Joan MacPherson
" New Life From Stone Jars" by Rev.Joan MacPherson

"To Guide our Feet in the Way of Peace" by Rev..Joan MacPherson

"At the Edge of the Cliff" by Rev. Joan MacPherson

"Trust," by Rev Joan MacPherson

"Sandals_and A Staff", by Rev Joan MacPherson

"Nic At Night," by Rev Joan MacPherson

"We Don't Have Enough," by Rev Joan MacPherson

"The World of The Generous Gets Larger and Larger," by Rev Joan MacPherson

"Grace," by Rev Joan MacPherson-Audio

"Enemy of Apathy," by Rev Joan MacPherson-Audio

"Faithing Outside The Box," by Rev Rona Tyndall -Audio

"When the Same Old, Same Old Is God, Love, All Around" by Rev Joan Macpherson

"How can I Keep From Singing," Sermon by Rev Rona Tyndall-Audio

"Right After John was Arrested," Sermon by Rev Joan Macpherson-Audio


Non-Audio Sermon Available for Download

1/11/15 Peculiar People in a Peculiar Place"

1/7/15 "Gathered at the Manger"

12/28/14 "Let It be with Me"


9/21/14 "Choices"

9/14/14 Power to Become Children of God"

8/10/14 "Stepping Out"

8/3/14 "Tension"

7/27/14 "The Kingdom of Heaven"

7/20/14 "Rock Hard"

7/13/14 "Bring Forth and Sprout"

7/6/14 "Yoked With Jesus"

6/29/14 "Be Thou Our Vision"

6/8/14 "Pentecost Cacophony"

6/1/14 "Receiving the Baton"